If you have any questions regarding licensing and usage of music of the Sound Lagoon, maybe those frequently asked questions are from help to you. Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us,  so we can assist you personally.

1. How can I get the music I want for my production?
We tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get your favorite songs or compilations via the shop on Bandcamp. It is the most convenient player and shop since you can easily pay via Paypal and download high quality digital formats like mp3, wav, flac and more. Yet, remember that you can also contact us directly to get the music sent to you if you want to try it first on your production, and license it at a later point.

2. How does the pricing work?
There are as many pricing systems as movies, programs, advertisements and games. Sound Lagoon stands for a fair system to please the clients and the artists. Don´t hesitate to contact us about your project. Our partners from Freibank will do their best to have all necessary steps cleared with you as quickly as possible.

3. I´m working for a TV / Radio station and want to use your music, what do I have to pay?
In the normal TV and Radio context, on official stations, it doesn´t cost you a penny to use music from the Sound Lagoon archive for documentaries, TV spots etc. Since we support the idea of real quality music and not the royalty free mass media flush, we work with music copyright organizations that guarantee us a fair payment for the artists if the music gets played in a station. All you have to do is enter the name of the composer, title, ISRC and the LC number in the cue list. The rest works automatically and the performance royalties get paid by the station. Please note that this doesn’t apply for TV Programs, Advertisements, and third party productions that might get sold later on.

4. I´m doing a documentary with your music and want to release it on DVD. What do I have to be aware of?
Simply clear all the steps with our partners from Freibank. The Sound Lagoon works with the old fashioned philosophy of “generated income shall benefit everybody involved in the product”.

5. Why deal with music copyright organizations? They scare me! Can we do it without?
Don´t be scared! Fear takes one to the dark side…
There´s an endless discussion going on, if music copyright organizations are justified or not, and a lot of misinformation taught to young directors and producers all the time. We can assure you:

  1.  It doesn´t make it more expensive for you.
  2. You don´t have more trouble than with so called royalty free music.
  3. As soon as you clear everything with us, you don´t have to worry about it again.
  4. It´s not Rocket Science.

Since a lot of those procedures are automatic nowadays, it´s enough to enter the complete title, name of the composer, LC (label code), and ideally the ISRC number in the cue list. This is the only way to guarantee that the artist benefits from being played on a station. Despite the whole debate if copyright organizations are good or bad, our years of experience brought us to this conclusion: it is still the best way to track back international usage and generate an income for the artists.

6. We´re producing a film, commercial or game but there´s no money left to license music.
If you feed peanuts, you get monkeys. We don´t believe that artists can live from credibility, love, and air. We have a reliable team of people that can assist you and work as much as possible for a reasonable solution. Keeping a fair base for everybody involved is our main priority.

7. I kind of like a tune but could it be a bit different?
Yes, it is possible to adjust the music to your productions. It is also possible to get new music composed by us or have a deeper look in the catalog. Write to Order@Soundlagoon.com and let us know what you need.