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Pit People OST Music Contribution | The Behemoth

Soundtrack OST Music of the video game Pit People by The Behemoth.

Work in Progress…
The Behemoth reveiled their first trailers and Early Access version of their new still in development baby “Pit People”. Listen to the playlist of the Patric Catani music contribution and trailers which were used in the game so far. There’s much more to come with the final release of their fast, round based strategy game.

Check out the game website – here –

The Patric Catani contribution to the soundtrack comes after the game is officially released and you will be able to find it on:

Itunes: – click here –

Amazon and a lot of other shops – click here –

Bandcamp – click here –

– visit the official website of Patric Catani

– more video game music of Patric Catani incl. his BattleBlock Theater Music –