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Alien Hominid Invasion OST, by Patric Catani

Patric Catani presented his new video game soundtrack work on the occasion of Pax Online, sept. 12th – 20th. The first (beta) part of the new Behemoth game “Alien Hominid Invasion” was available as a public demo on Steam. In parallel Patric Catani released the Alien Hominid Invasion OST (Beta) on Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music to make the waiting for the final game release a bit shorter. Alien Hominid Invasion will be available for Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox, more platforms tbc.

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Pit People & BattleBlock Theater Mega Mashup

A Megamix concert of Patric Catani fusioning his video game soundtrack works for BattleBlock Theater and Pit People. The whole idea started when Patric Catani was invited by The Behemoth to play a concert with his game OSTs at PaxEast Boston. The whole process and reception at Pax was so nice, that there is now also an one hour release with the music. Not everything could be used on that one, so maybe we can call this part 1?


Get the Bandcamp Release – HERE –

Panoramas Vol.2 ALL:RIGHT

Welcome to Panoramas Media Music Vol. 2 – ALL:RIGHT

We are happy and proud to present you a new selection of marvelous tracks for films, documentaries, commercials, games or any sort of project you may want to seal with a special and unique sound signature.

Panoramas Vol. 2 reveals the positive moods of our Sound Lagoon to highlight your media work with powerful pop and urban grooves, floating, mysterious and dreamy electronica, a breeze of tropical cumbia lounge, and music for diving in unexplored territories. Our previous releases have been featured in diverse productions for prestigious channels like Arte TV, ZDF, 3sat TV or NDR, brand commercials, as well as original soundtracks for cool Xbox / Steam video games.

Sound Lagoon joins forces with Storage Records and Freibank Music Publishing to provide you with a brand new, easy to clear, one-step selection of wonderful songs. Together with our professional publishing partners, we take the pain out of music licensing for art and media projects.Get in touch for more music, and don’t hesitate to ask for a special edit or a tailor made composition that suits your work:

Licensing: Fredrik Nedelmann | |

Hamburg Office: +49-(0)40-31 00 90

Pit People OST Music Contribution | The Behemoth

Soundtrack OST Music of the video game Pit People by The Behemoth.

Work in Progress…
The Behemoth reveiled their first trailers and Early Access version of their new still in development baby “Pit People”. Listen to the playlist of the Patric Catani music contribution and trailers which were used in the game so far. There’s much more to come with the final release of their fast, round based strategy game.

Check out the game website – here –

The Patric Catani contribution to the soundtrack comes after the game is officially released and you will be able to find it on:

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Amazon and a lot of other shops – click here –

Bandcamp – click here –

– visit the official website of Patric Catani

– more video game music of Patric Catani incl. his BattleBlock Theater Music –

Panoramas – Media Music Compilation

Panoramas – Media Music Compilation

This is the first Sound Lagoon compilation featuring beats, soundtracks, moods and cartoonish space disco pop music for films, documentaries, TV spots, advertisement or video games.

Get your Media Panoramas right and choose between 37 unique atmospheres, authentic hiphop beat work, instrumental film grooves and quirky, playful cartoon themes.

You are welcome to contact our partners from Freibank for licensing & syncing or to dive deeper into our Sound Lagoon audio archive to fish your favorite sounds.

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Released by Storage Records / Storage013
EAN: 4041819200706
LC 11226

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Published by Edition Stora / Rückbank